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Bed linen and towels are both washed at 60 degrees. So we might as well put them in one machine – or not? In fact, there are several reasons why not. And if you know them, you will certainly wash the two textiles separately in the future. It takes more time to wash them then but you do not have to worry about anything when playing casino for real money. When washing towels and bed linen, be careful.

This is actually an important topic since we use these things daily. There are even applications about how to make sure how to wash your things properly. It is very user friendly. However, even if you do not have a smartphone or just do not want to get the app there are easier ways. For example our washing machines are very much technologised nowadays. You literally just have to choose what you are going to wash and the rest the machine will do for you. High level brands like Siemens, Miele and Bosch are working on this since years. So better use it.

Most people know that something can quickly shrink or stain during washing and sort accordingly according to color, or light and dark. Washing white towels with light-colored bed linen should therefore not be a problem. In fact, there are even some points here that speak against a joint wash cycle. 



Unlike in the past, where bed linen and towels were usually made of linen or cotton and could be washed at 60 degrees, textiles today are often made of wool or silk. If this is the case and it is still washed at 60 degrees, the materials can shrink.


If different pieces are washed together, light-colored bed linen can quickly turn yellow. This comes from lining up the clothes in the washing machine, which causes the color to fade Digitalnewshour.


If the washing machine is too overloaded, the individual textiles can quickly become tangled and wrinkled. For this reason alone, it is recommended that bedding and towels be washed separately and that the drum not be overloaded. Also, the items may still be very damp at the end.


New towels will lint during the first three washes. If you then wash them together with bedding, the lint can come off and stick to sheets & co. instead. So if you want to avoid annoying picking and linting later, wash these items separately from the start.

Conclusion: Of course, it saves a few washes and thus money, if you put different parts together in one machine. If colors and material are similar, this is not a problem. If the bedding has been a little more expensive, decide depending on the situation whether you want to take the risk. 


That should not be together in the washing machine Vegamovies.

1. blouses and jeans

Blouses are usually made of particularly delicate materials such as silk, satin, linen or thin cotton. If you put them in the washing machine together with heavy pieces like jeans, you risk damage. The heavy denim jeans rub against the delicate fabric of the blouse during the washing process and this can even lead to holes in the worst case. So better wash separately!

2. zippers and fine fabrics

Do not throw delicate items made of silk, satin or wool into the wash and in addition something with zippers. This could get caught in the wool or cause holes in the fine materials. So it’s always worth sorting thoroughly beforehand so that there are no nasty surprises afterwards Odishadiscoms.

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